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How to Order [USD]

1. On the home page/main page, click My Account menu to Login or click here.

2. If you don’t have an account, click Register tab to register or click here.

3. Click Products menu to select product you want to order or click here.

4. Choose Style, Size (if any) and Quantity/number of products you will order.

5. Select the USD currency that will be used for payment then click Add To Cart.

6. Click View Cart.

7. In Cart section, enter Coupon Code/discounted promotional coupon code (if any) into the coupon column, then click Apply Coupon to update the total calculation to be paid.

8. In this section, you can also revise (reduce/increase) the quantity/number of products ordered, followed by clicking Update Cart tab to update the total calculation to be paid.

9. Calculate shipping costs in this Cart section by clicking Calculate shipping.

Then fill in the address details in the Calculate Shipping form followed by clicking the Update Totals tab to update the calculation of shipping costs and the available expedition options.

Then choose the type of shipping and expedition that will be used which automatically, shipping fee (according to your choice), will be added to the total calculation to be paid.

10. Click PayPal and continue payment through PayPal menu.

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