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How to Upload Base Image Files on Google Drive

Before start,
a. Make sure you already have a Google account to be able to use Google Drive service.
b. Make sure base image files that will be uploaded are already complete and stored in one folder in your PC or laptop. Please also make sure that the name of the base image files are already same with the name of the product part, for example: front_body.jpg or hoodie_inner.jpg etc.

1. Open Google Drive by visiting via a browser or click here.

2. Input email or phone number followed by your Google account password then click the Next tab to sign in.

3. Click My Drive tab, then choose Upload folder.

4. Select folder which will be uploaded then click upload tab.

5. Click Upload tab.

6. The upload process will takes several minutes, depends on the number and size of files uploaded in the folder. Please wait until complete.

7. Folders that have been uploaded will appear in the Folders section. Click the folder and then click the get shareable link icon. Make sure the sharing links are on and mentioned as anyone with the link can view. The google drive link is listed below.

8. Copy the google drive link into the note image order form.

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